I am a designer that is determined to create products that solve problems while evoking an emotional connection for the consumer. Product creation is about creating relevancy. I focus on creating what makes the assignment unique; what sets this product apart from any other on the market? Time only goes forward, so I never look backward to try and recreate what has been done. I am always looking to create what is next.


What began as a creative outlet to discuss my passion and love for footwear design has turned into creating opportunities for working with brands and people that I consider to be great influences in my design career. I use my blogging as an opportunity to celebrate branding, form-language and product execution by having in-depth discussions from one designer to another designer. I have worked with many brands, including the Jordan Brand, Nike and New Balance, on creating online experiences that break down every detail of new and exciting products. If you are interested in working with me please contact me at

Footwear Extraordinaire

I am a footwear nerd. I will discuss, analyze and over-interpret anything that involves the sporting good industry. My passion has been to be a part of and work with the footwear industry since a very young age. I have a personal collection of 300+ pairs of shoes that helps give me insight on my design projects and media blogging.