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A couple of weeks ago I found myself downtown Detroit at the Guardian building. I will fully admit to you I have no idea of the history of the building but I will tell you it is fantastically stunning and beautiful. When you see the amount of color and proportion and size of the building it really takes you in and transports you back to another era.

Like an idiot I forgot to put the battery that was at home charging on my desk into my DSLR I was carrying with me so I had to shoot everything with my iPhone. I guess the photos turned out decent but by no means are they my favorite.

What I really tried to focus on with the photo’s was the symmetry of the building and the intricate graphic designs, which are all grid based by the way. I found it quite unique and inspiring. See streetwear kids, Givenchy didn’t create symmetrical designs…

If you are in the D! go and visit this beautiful piece of architectural history. It will only take a half hour or so but it’s worth while. And after that go to Mudgies! It’s an amazing deli in Cork Town. You will not regret that.┬áCheck out the photo’s below.












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