Sketchbook Drop For August 2nd, 2012

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If you followed my Design Insight series over at CounterKicks this sketchbook drop may be familiar to you.

This was a little project I was working on last Winter/Spring of 2011. I have always been inspired by Herman Miller and their products, in particular the Aeron chair and in this instance the Sayl by Yves Behar. The concept behind both chairs are similar, an expanding material that is suspended from a frame and takes the shape of your form. The main difference is the price, the Aeron is $800+ and the Sayl is $250+. My goal was to create a suspended TPU material that stretches from hinge points on a frame and expands around your foot. I was imagining the frame to be a blended weave of Carbon Fiber that gets stronger where the weave gets tighter and flexes where the weave opens up. The idea needed a lot of work and still does but it made for some fun sketching!

I need to finish this idea at some point, all in due time I suppose….


  1. 10gallon
    August 4, 2012

    sorry man, but this inspiration is kind of fail…why taking an office chair for reference?
    particularly the design of the chair is completely inspired by modern Architecture´s function & surface.

    For the future & me it would be more interesting to see shoes which are totally inspired by organic functions and microbiological structures. Also i´m not happy with the nike+ things. Why should i check the pressure points, step-frequency or the high of my jump on my iphone while doing sports? I don´t need any shoe store neither a foot-orthopedist in my sneakers…
    Just sayin´…

    Anyway, nice drawings brett!
    …Spiderman would turn bonkers on these.
    (i apologize for my bad english!)

    much regards.

    • B
      August 4, 2012

      Appreciate the feedback. I think that inspiration can come from anywhere. The idea isn’t just limited to an office chair it’s about the way the office chair used its materials to create a comfortable and form fitting feel which I believe can be applied to footwear. I also believe those chairs look like nothing else in the office chair industry so it also provides a dramatic aesthetic.

      As for your thoughts on Nike+ I understand what you are saying. Not everyone wants or even needs to track that information but at least you have opportunity to if you are interested.

      Thanks for checking out the site.


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