Sketchbook Drop For August 30th, 2012

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For this weeks sketchbook drop I bring you some fresh work of a project I am just starting to embark on.

The Air Jordan to me is the pinnacle signature shoe in the performance basketball market. For the past few years I have created my vision for what I want the future Jordan to be. This year as I start the project I am trying to look at it in different way. From a philosophical standpoint I want to expand on a few ideas I have talked about in pieces I have written this year, in particular 3D printing and the Nike+ system; but for styling I wanted to expand upon how I develop the aesthetic language.

The inspiration for me always starts with MJ. He may be away from the game but his style of play is still the most prolific style the NBA has ever seen. I always felt the way Michael maneuvered around the court with such finesse was poetry in motion. The way his body moved had so much sculptural form to it.

So I went back and started watching old footage of him this week and did timed gesture drawings of his motion to capture that poetry as I believe it will help me loosen up and bring that same flowing motion into the visual of my next Air Jordan.

Once I finished the sketching I used a combination of watercolor, ink and a little marker to evoke the power of his movement. The last few pages are a little Rorschach, or should I say Kanye inspired. As I created symmetrical views of the final pieces for a unique visual.


  1. Richard
    February 8, 2013

    I admire your works. I hope i can accomplish something you have done as a designer myself.

    • B
      February 8, 2013

      Thanks Richard!


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