Sketchbook Drop For September 6th, 2012

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Last week I gave you a look at how I am starting my Air Jordan 2013 project by trying to capture the emotion of Michael’s movements through gesture watercolor paintings. This week I am continuing on that theme but I took to a digital level.

As I develop the aesthetic story for this shoe I have been looking at very technical but fluid imagery and one thing I came across was the work of Peter Jellitsch. He describes his work as “transforming something that I`ve seen in the virtual world. mostly I try to figure out, how simulation and animation programs are trying to help us understand how complex processes happen.” I thought this was incredibly interesting and it made me look at how I was approaching the form language of the shoe and in particular the surfacing the midsole.

My goal for the midsole is to have it be 3D printed out of a multitude of materials that combine to create an object that is flexible and rigid and supportive all at the same time. A 3D Printer works in layers that build on top of each other to create the form. This process allows you to create surfaces that can’t be captured in a typical mold that a midsole and sole is created with. My goal is to have surfacing that intersects and changes its form in key areas to aide in flexibility and remove weight but still be supportive during cutting. To capture the precise surfacing I took images of Michael throughout his career that showed a range of his intricate movements and then captured those motions in a style similar to Peter Jellitsch.

Not only will this inspire the overall midsole surfacing but I also believe that is going to be a strong direction for the traction pattern as I plan to have layers of silicone based rubber that transforms from the heel to the forefoot by becoming heavier in density in high wear areas.

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